Consider the following 8 Tips for Buying a Home So That You Will Not Regret

Knowing tips on buying a house is highly recommended, especially if this is to buy your first home. Because the house is not cheap like clothes, you must be observant and thorough so that you do not regret it later. In addition, the buying process also goes through several lengthy processes and must consider various aspects, ranging from financial to the environment. Although expensive, actually the house is a basic need. If you have a home, we feel comfortable and safe to rest or gather with family. Now before realizing this dream, let’s pay attention to the following home buying tips.

1.Buy a house through a developer

Some of the benefits you can get when buying a house through a developer. First, you don’t need to go to great lengths to find land and build a house from scratch. All the houses offered are usually ready made and ready for habitation, including the installation of installations such as electricity and water lines. Usually, a house built by a developer is guaranteed for its quality and legality. You don’t need to bother anymore to take care of it. But unfortunately, now began to bloom rogue developers who work hooked here and there. Modes vary, from selling a house on land that is still in dispute, to a mode where the developer runs away the buyer’s money without keeping the promise to build the house that was agreed at the beginning. So make sure that the developer you choose has a good reputation, look at their track record in marketing the home.

2.Buy used look for yourself

Buy used look for yourself is also rife done by those who want to have a dream residence. The advantage, the price may not be as expensive as buying a new home at the developer. Then, you are also free to explore any location you want. But the drawbacks, the quality of the building may not be as good as the new building. Automatic to renew it, you have to spend a lot of money to renovate.

3.Build from scratch

The advantage of getting up from the start, you can start building as you wish if the budget was fulfilled. For example, the budget runs out, you can delay the construction until the money back is collected. Can build according to the desired design is the advantage of building a house from scratch. Even better can choose your own material, according to the budget of course. But apparently, building a house from scratch will take more expenses. First, you have to buy the land, second, if you use an architect, you have to pay for their services. Finally, pay for the services of a foreman and handyman who is willing to make your dream home a reality.

4.Note the location and surrounding facilities

Tips on buying a house next is to pay attention to the location of the house you want to buy. Everyone’s preferences are certainly different, some want to live in the city center, or far from the city, some are just the opposite. What is clear, make sure first that the location you choose is right for your family and child friendly. Better, live in environmentally friendly residences, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and passing large vehicles. Because the environmentally friendly residence is very influential on the quality of our lives. Then, make sure that the location of your house will be close to various public facilities, such as shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, sports facilities, and of course the market.

5.Make sure the location of the house is free from flooding and stands on stable ground

Today, it is very difficult to know whether the location of the house you want to buy is free from flooding. You will find it increasingly difficult to know when doing a location survey in the dry season. Do not easily believe the sweet promises of developers and previous homeowners. Because, it is very common for someone to cover up the reality with the aim that the house is quickly sold. The best way to find out is to ask local residents, if the location is usually flooded when it rains. You should be suspicious if the location of the house is not far from the high-bore rivers and lakes. In addition, look for information about the location of the house you are looking for through various mass media coverage on the internet. Don’t forget, do research on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Because, people often share photos and videos of various events, including floods, through social media.

6.Pay attention to public transportation access

You also need to think about access to public transportation before buying a house. Make sure that your house can be easily reached by various modes of transportation, whether it’s a public transport car or a train. Public transportation access must be considered to support daily mobility, for example work, dropping off school children, going to the market, and others.

7.Choose the size according to your needs

Tips on buying your next house is to choose the type and size of the house that suits your needs. If the goal is only for the nuclear family, it’s better to buy a standard type house with one bathroom and two bedrooms. But, if you want to buy for a large family including parents, you can buy a rather large house, for example with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

8.Tips on buying a used home, pay attention to the condition of the house, do not just buy a cheap one

If you buy a used one, try to see the house directly. Do not rush to give DP when you just see the photos. Check the overall condition of the house to its sanitary channels. Do not let you just buy it because of the cheap price, but the conditions are very bad. If the condition is still good and only requires minor renovations, it might not be a problem. But if it’s already worrying, it’s better not to, because the renovation costs will also require a lot of costs.