Executive Enjoyment In A Basket

Gift baskets that you make don’t have to be small or look like they have minimal items inside of them. When you make executive gift baskets for employers or special people in your life who deserve a little more than cookies, candies, or other treats that you would normally include, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind.

A Christmas gift basket can be made using a basket that is covered in cloth with a beautiful cloth ribbon around the top edge. Instead of small boxes of candy or the fun items that you might give to someone for Christmas, consider a few of the gourmet items that someone might like, such as chocolate covered pretzels, truffles, coffees, and jams or jellies. Try to find flavors that are a bit extravagant and not quite what you would normally give to someone so that the basket is special and has a touch of elegance.

Try to add a little creativity to the gift by including items that the person enjoys but might not buy during the year. These might include a favorite food or a gift card to a favorite restaurant. You could also include monogrammed items, such as a wine glass or a coffee mug. Another idea for an executive basket would be a birthday gift. This should include items that are fun and exciting. You can use bright colors, but try not to use too many in the basket as it can begin to look juvenile instead of like a basket for an executive. Anniversary executive baskets can include fresh fruits, gourmet nuts and candies, a bottle of wine, and a wine glass. Cheesecake is also a good item to include in a gift basket, but this is a food that you want to give to the recipient right away instead of waiting.