8 Ways to Care for and Clean Your Own Carpet at Home

Carpet is one of the home appliances that can add aesthetic value to the room. In addition, the carpet is also useful as a base so that the body is not exposed to the cold of the floor when watching TV, playing with children and other activities that are more comfortable to do in a relaxed manner.

But the carpet can become a den of bacteria and germs if not treated properly. Caring for the carpet does need special handling but that does not mean difficult. You can call the carpet cleaning villa Rica GA to caring and cleaning your carpet properly.

This is the right and easy ways to care for and maintain the cleanliness of carpets at home.

  1. Carpet Placement

To prevent the carpet from being exposed to many germs, it should be installed in a part of a house that is rarely passed by you, family, and people. Also, avoid installing carpet in a place that is often used as a place for all activities. To avoid transferring the germs from bacteria to carpet, don’t also place a carpet near a shoe rack. It is best to place carpet in the workspace, bedroom or also living room.

  1. Don’t Step on With Shoes

Don’t walk or step on the carpet if you are wearing sandals or shoes, especially after traveling all day. The bottom of footwear is dirty and will make germs stick and settles for a long time

  1. Install the Doormat

Install the mat at the front entrance of the house to prevent more germs from entering the house. But do not put it on every door of the house. Just in front of the entrance, near the kitchen and bathroom door. Wash the mat regularly.

  1. Clean the stain

Don’t rub the stain on the carpet because it will only make the stain spread wider and damage the material. You can clean the stain with a steamer machine. Direct hot steam only on stained parts. The hot steam will soften the stain so that cleaning it is easier. But this method only applies to new stains. For old stains, the only way to remove it is by cleaning it in the laundry.

  1. Wash regularly

Wash your carpet regularly, at least twice a year. Washing carpet is recommended in the summer because sunlight will dry the carpet more perfectly. The moist carpet will be a favorite place for bacteria to nest.

  1. First Aid for Carpet Stains

When drinks or food spill and hit the carpet, clean it immediately so it doesn’t become stubborn. You can use natural ingredients like lemon juice, saltwater or vinegar mixed water to get rid of it.

  1. Gentle Formula

Always use natural cleaning fluid or soft formula so that the carpet is not damaged. Only use a cleanser with a hard formula for stubborn stains.

  1. Vacuum

For daily maintenance, clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner every afternoon or night. It is recommended to clean the carpet at the end of the day after all activities have been carried out.